Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome to the Wellington Hair Spa Blog!

We are located at 119 W23rd Street, Studio 501 (between 6th &7th Avenue)

About Us:

Precision Cuts & Trims, Colors & Chemical Services, Natural Hair Care, Intensive Conditioning Treatments (for all hair types) At Wellington Hair Spa, healthy hair is the cornerstone of all our personalized services. Each client receives a custom tailored consultation and hair analysis prior to experiencing any of one our unique services.

Wellington’s professional team of stylists are educated, expertly trained hair care specialists who are always ready and willing to share up to the minute intel on the most cutting edge techniques in cuts, coloring and weaving as well as the latest insights in natural hair care and chemically treated hair technology.

Wellington Hair Spa holds the distinction of a first class New York hair spa. We are Wellington Hair Spa and we welcome you to experience the difference we make!

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  1. Hair Problems treated by Hair Spa
    A spa is an excellent treatment for dry, damaged and porous hair. Your hair can be
    dry and damaged because of some chemical treatment it may have undergone, like
    rebonding, perming, coloring or because of exposure to strong detergents and use of
    wrong products, or because of being exposed to pollution and hard water or maybe just
    because of sheer neglect and lack of care. It is time you start a spa and you will see how
    the texture changes over a short period of time.

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