Monday, December 5, 2011

WHS Trend Report- Blond Ambition

If you are now in a state of preparing for the New Year, it’s time to take the fact that “Blondes have more fun” into consideration. While, it has been taboo for women of color to go blonde, it’s also the ultimate statement of individuality and fun! Obviously, it would be wise to have this professionally done.

Anyone making this drastic change should have experienced hands in their hair. Horror stories of hair turning green, orange or yellow are all too common. Since, you are actually bleaching your hair first for the color to take; your hair has lost all pigment. Consequently, you need the correct amount of color to get the hue you want.

Professionals have the equipment, experience and knowledge to pull this off; you or your best girlfriend may not!!!

Take a look at the ladies of Hollywood going big and blonde!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WHS Education- ‘Evolution of the Hot Comb’

Hot, Pressing, or straightening comb, which one do you call it?

Either way, this magical device with multiple names has only one function; which is to controllably straighten and style your hair. Most might think, the ‘Hot comb’ came about in the back towns of Louisiana or some other popular southern town, known for black women with kinky, curly hair. However, this device was invented in France. The 19th century tool was huge for groundbreaking trends and individualism. Marcel Grateau was one of the first hair stylists in Paris to use the hot comb in 1872. This started a new wave of styles and expectations!

It wasn’t until the hot comb; made it to the United States in the 1900’s, did Madam CJ walker add her patented revisions. Widening the teeth with a few other modifications made the ‘hot comb’ the most popular tool amongst women of color. Although, a portion of the black community saw this more as detrimental then beneficial, the movement went on forth!

The comb helped facilitate the infamous salon method of the ‘bump n’ Curl’. A simple, yet efficient hair routine that we get to enjoy at least once a week, in our local salons. It is clear that as time has passed the ‘Hot Comb’ has revolutionized with the women it services. Different gradients and materials make this device universal to all women.

Natural hair has grown extremely popular over the past few years. This has made the demand for the ‘hot comb’ even greater. The rise and fall of the relaxer, has claimed many hair and hairline casualties, which has made the transition that much easier.

Keeping the hair manageable for the women on the go, consistently begs the question….could we live without the ‘Hot Comb’????????

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WHS Hair Awareness: Bold the Cold

Hot cocoa, Ice skating, sitting by the fire and DULL HAIR??????? Women usually are not thinking about their hair, when it comes to cold weather. However ladies, when the air begins to get dry and frigid, so does your hair. Moisture is the first thing to go, once you hit that chill, so it’s wise to prepare yourself. Sustaining healthy hair throughout the winter is extremely crucial, as it can determine your hair’s strength and weaknesses for quite some time. Unlike heat damage that can be clipped off and repaired, the cold can damage from the root; leaving the scalp dry and itchy, promote dreary hair color, and create breakable ends. Here are a few tips, to get you through these winter months.

Do not wash your hair as often in the winter time:
This may sound a little odd, but again moisture and nutrients is very important to conserve. When you wash your hair too often, especially in the winter, this can cause you to lose those needed components to keep your hair healthy. It is easier to maintain clean hair in the winter, as you’re not sweating as much. Use dry shampoo!

Vitamins and Nutrients:
Take your vitamins ladies! Be proactive in protecting your hair, skin and nails. Use shampoos with Keratin and Vitamins. This will enhance strength and moisture in your hair and helping you to reinforce health.

Use light oils to grease your scalp:
This will assist your scalp absorb moisture and keep it. Dandruff is embarrassing and annoying; this is a sure shot way to prevent this!

Use a silk scarf when wearing wool and knit hats:
This will prevent the infamous hat hair fiasco. Also, these materials will pull and rip out your hair, which can cause large amounts of breakage and fly-aways.

This are brief but healthy tips to get your hair winter time ready. So bundle up and get ready to brave the cold!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WHS Fashion Week

Well ladies and gents; we just made it through the infamous Mercedes Benz Fashion week. While, apparel and accessories were the main contenders this season, you can’t complete a fashion runway show without excellent hair. Whether sleek or avant garde, hair styles assist in bringing life to every garment presented. While attending and participating in shows, WHS choose several looks that caught their eye!

Take a Peek!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

WHS Trend Report- Time for Autumn

That time of the year is here, when you can just relax and have fun with your look. Fall is a season that allows your hair to breathe, because the weather months are neutral; not too hot or cold. Ladies; this is a great month to find a new look or enhance your original one. Whether, your hair is short, medium or long, you have the freedom to play with various styles, without the repercussions of the evil sun or the frigid cold. Celebrity starlets have already taken this idea to another level, with the new looks they’ve transitioned into.

Take a look!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jill Scott Hair Transformations

Jill Scott is without a doubt, one of the most influential artist of our time. As a singer, songwriter, poet and actress ;this women has the talent and influence to remain contemporary. It’s amazing to witness her star power grow, but even more compelling to witness the evolution of her style. Through-out Scott’s career, her style visually complements her movement of music.

Take a look at the Hair Transformation of Jill Scott:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tips and Tricks- SEX UP your hair

Do you ever sit in the mirror for hours and wonder how to do your hair for that first date or night on the town with the girls. Well, if so, this article is for you!
Ladies, dry ponytails, expired weaves, rubber bands, exposed bobby pins and the list goes on (TRUST), can make your look; cheap and lazy! Whether your locks are down your back or short and sweet, there is no excuse for inexcusable hair.

It is high time to learn how to SEX up your hair.

Tip One: Simple flips, curls and swoops can make all the difference. Carry around a light portable holding spray for that sporadic trip to the ladies room.

Tip Two: Leave the scrunchy at home!!!!! I’m assuming you’ve already taken the liberty of washing your face (I hope) before heading out. There is nothing sleek about a scrunchy, they're big, usually a horrific color and outdated!

If you’re gunning for that chic ponytail look, use black Goody’s ouch less elastic bands.

Tip Three: Use styles and colors that complement your face and skin color. Stay true to who you are when trying to duplicate styles. Be creative, but also be real with yourself. Take pictures of your new creation and send to a friend, for a second opinion. A real friend always tells the truth!

Sorry ladies, but not everyone is going to look as good as Rihanna, with Fire Red Engine hair…Just saying!

WHS searched for the sexiest styles around and provided them in our SEX UP hair gallery!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WHS Hair Awareness: Beat that Heat!

Flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers are not the only source of heat that can dehydrate, break and ruin your hair. The sun also has damaging effects, which are not reversible. We are extremely careful and mindful of our skin, but what about our hair!?

The sun can damage your hair with direct prolonged exposure. It has been proven; UVA and UVB rays have the strength to damage the hair from cuticle to the inner Shaft. Your hair may become brittle, weak, broken, and faded (if you have color treated hair). It would be wise to consult your hair dresser before treating the hair with products that include high dosages of peroxides and alcohols, during and before the summer months.

So now that you know what can damage your hair, let WHS give you tips on how to protect your beautiful tresses!!!!

Deep Condition the hair, to keep moisture in:
Although, we do have natural oils to aid us, your hair protects itself best, when filled with nutrients and moisture. Wellington Hair Spa, features an assortment of helpful and essential deep conditioning treatments for a variety of hair types. For instance, Wellington Hair Spa carries the Keratin Intensive Treatment. This product produces a concentrated Keratin protein blend that deeply repairs and protects, while intensifying hydration!!!!!!

Read about the entire collection:

Create a stylish Safeguard between your hair and the sun:
Not only is this a healthy hair tactic, but also tons of fun. Play up your look with an eclectic scarf or that perfect hat you stuffed in the back of your closet. Accessories are necessary and urge you to be a little more creative with your look.

Simple, Simple, Simple
Ladies, keep the gels, irons, and combing to a minimum when styling you hair for the summer heat. This strips your hair of that essential moisture and leaves it prone to sun damage. Try easy looks, such as braids, soft curls, buns and pin-ups.

These three steps are definite ways to assist you maintain your healthy summer look. Until next time ladies!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WHS Trend Report- Colors of the Summer

Hair colors ranging from bleach blond to fire engine red have created a well anticipated summer! Self expression has been taken to a whole other level in 2011. Paul Mitchell’s PM Shine , carries a variety of colors for whatever level you want to take it! If you’re not that comfy outrageously coloring your hair, consider a weave or wig; to test out the look. However, I am a true believer in go hard or not at all!!!!

If you’re looking to switch up that color for the summer, make your appointment today at Wellington Hair Spa!

Take a look at our colorful gallery, which color would you go with?????

Monday, May 2, 2011

Product Spotlight: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

In the season of uncontrollable frizz and fly-aways, taming and maintaining those wild tresses, become top priority. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, has the effectiveness you’ve been searching for!

While most serums weigh down the hair and leave a greasy film; light-weight Super Skinny does just the opposite. Just a tiny amount in the palm of your hand, leaves the hair feeling smooth and maintainable. This serum’s benefits include long lasting shine, conditioning and a fragrance that’s keeps the hair smelling fresh and clean. The most recommended time to use this product is when drying hair, after washing. Apply serum to hair after ringing out excess water. The serum penetrates deep into hair to displace water and constrict hair for speedy drying and styling. Another opportune time to apply the serum would be before leaving the house.

Wellington Hair Spa uses Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum daily and the product is also sold at the salon. Get yours today!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WHS Hair Awareness: “Manage that Damage”

Now that the weather is ever changing from hot to cold, dry to humid; your hair needs extensive attention and care. Women are consistently inquiring about the best products and techniques to maintain health and avoid damage. Have you looked in the mirror lately??? Split ends, thinning, breakage, and dull tresses to name a few are major signs that this article is for you! WHS has compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to “Manage that Damage”!

Do: Wash your hair at least once a week or every two; if your hair is healthy it will produce natural oils to protect itself. However, those essential oils blended with a polluted environment, sweat, hair products and related factors cause build-up. This won’t allow your scalp and hair to breath, making the hair grimy and smelly.

Don’t: Wash your hair more than once a week or wait past two weeks. Both these decision’s can result in major hair loss! Washing the hair too often, won’t allow those natural oils to produce, therefore making the hair weak and vulnerable to breakage. Taking too long to wash your hair, will cause a nasty case of build up, that can start to irritate the scalp and cause uncontrollable itching…YIKES!

Do: Let your hair air dry from time to time, this is a great way to maintain strength and hair resilience! Comb it out in different sections, braid, pin up and relax! This method is extremely recommended from time to time, to keep that heat off your hair and to prevent permanent damage to your natural volume.

Don’t: Over use heat on your hair. Flat irons and Curling irons are being used too often; causing permanent damage! Your ends are taking a major beating with all that heat. Instead look into using steam or sponge overnight rollers to create volume.

Do: Get your ends trimmed every four weeks. Not only is it healthy, but you’ll also receive shape and bounce. Your hair is going too spilt whether your want it to our not. Depending on when you take this step, depends on how much hair is cut! Keep it healthy and (believe it or not) keep it growing by losing those dead ends. Once your hair starts to split, it will continue up the shaft!!!!! It makes the difference between a hair clipping and an unwanted haircut.

Don’t: Brush and comb your hair to often. This will contribute to your split ends and make them a lot worse. If you feel your hair consistently needs a comb or brush, odds are you have split ends.

Here are brief but effective dos and don’ts to “Manage that Damage”. Healthy hair helps healthy attitudes ladies!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

WHS Trend Report- Spring Time Tips

Spring has arrived and WHS is here to show you how to revitalize your look for the season. Weather during the Spring can be completely unpredictable, therefore making your perfect style in the morning drab and under a hat by lunch time. Hopefully after a few of these tips your hair will no longer be negatively affected by these damp dewy days!

Tip One:
In the morning before you leave and at night before you go to sleep; apply a light anti-frizz serum, (WHS Favorite- Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum) to the hair to create a nice shine, but also penetrate the strands with loads of moisture, where it displaces water and constricts the hair.

Tip Two:
If you have a fresh due and the rain is pouring heavily, leave your hair wrapped up, put on a cute hat and undue your hair when you arrive at your destination indoors. This not only protects your hair from the moisture, but also pollution and debris that may be floating around in the air.

Tip Three:
Try effortless styles, that aren’t too difficult to maintain during the day. When you use too much product, bobby pins or accessories; it becomes a hefty and annoying task to correct. Use light curls with a little holding spray. Try simple pony tails, with a little height in the front, or French braids are always a classic look!

These three tips are not only useful, but extremely simple for anyone to try. Always remember that you create your own style, we’ll just help you maintain it!