Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Natural Hair Care: A Trend thats HAIR to stay!!

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair amongst women of African descent has been a growing trend over the past few years. Though some are skeptical about taking the leap from chemically treated hair to natural, so many women are making the change. With the huge success of the movie “Good Hair”, clients have been asking me about making the transition. Check out my tips on going natural:

There are a few basic ways to make the transition to natural hair. The simplest is to just cut off the relaxed hair and live with a short hair style for several months. This is the most drastic approach ; however , it takes the least amount of work and there's no worry about breakage. I prefer two strand twists as a great transtition style, two strand twists are one of the most popular hairstyles among women with natural hair. They are easy to do, look good on everyone, and they can be the basis for many different styles with slight variations. You can easily do two strand twists (aka double strand twists, twists, or twisties) on your own natural hair. They can be done on short hair or long hair; you only need about one inch of hair to wear two strand twists.

There are tons of products on the market for natural hair, but my top choice is by Mizani's Coconut Souffle.

With it's "whipped-texture, Coconut Soufflé Light Moisturizing Hairdress disperses evenly and absorbs quickly for touchably soft waves and curls. Using a concentrated, natural-oil blend of coconut and camellina oils, it instantly envelops each strand and infuses it with uniform moisture from the inside out. Additionally, coconut oil helps strengthen hair and reduce breakage. The result is targeted moisturization, along with extra protection at the "stress" points of curly strands.

Especially formulated for multi-textured hair, Coconut Soufflé Light Moisturizing Hairdress revitalizes and restores curl’s natural luster without building up or weighing hair down."

I’ve been so busy these days, doing what I love & getting great recognition. Be sure to check my work out in the November issue of “Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine” in the ‘Gorgeous Hair Care’ Section

Also, check out the November 2009 issue of Essence Magazine for more tips on styling relaxed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrity Hair Spotlight: Alani "LaLa" Vazquez

Never afraid to try something new, even if that means shaving half her head and donating her gorgeous locks to "Locks of Love", Alani "Lala" Vazquez is in the spotlight this month, for her everychanging look! Whether her hair be short, long, curled, straight, pinned up or half shaven, this chick know's how to rock any "do" and make it look good. With the right amount of hair spray and confidence, you too can make any hairstyle work for you!

Check out Lala's everchanging hairstyles!!



A few Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by one of my vendors and favorite product lines-- "Mizani's" Independent Distributor event in Soho, NYC. This event was amazing; it showcased some of Mizani's new products including Moisturfusion, Renew Strength, Butter Blend and Thermasmooth. The event was filled the hair industry's top stylists, trendsetters and tastemakers, including my mentor and friend John Atchison. Check out some of my pictures from the event.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Hair Care Tips

It’s that time of year again… time to trade in the shorts and sundresses for sweaters and scarves. With winter, comes cold temperatures and low humidity, leaving our hair in a fragile state, meaning it’s also time to trade in our summer hair care routine for a routine that will keep your hair healthy and strong no matter what winter may bring. Here are my "Winter Hair Care Tips":

1.Conditioning: During the dry winter months, there is little moisture in the air and the hair and scalp tend to dry out more easily. After every shampoo, put a deep conditioner in your hair and leave it in for a minimum of 3-5 minutes. One of Patrick’s personal favorites is “Super Reconstructer by KeraCare” , it repairs dry, damaged , brittle hair and volumizes hair while producing a soft, silky texture.

2. Roller Setting: If you have medium to long length hair, instead of using a flat or curling iron, set your hair with rollers. The heat from any hair appliance , if used on a consistent basis will leave your hair dry and brittle and more likely to break off and damage.

3. Silk or Satin Scarf: For any length hair, be sure to tie your hair down at night with a silk or satin scarf. It will help the hair retain its moisture during the night hours. Also, instead of a wool scarf for outside, be sure to stick to satin or silk. Wool and cotton both have the tendency to snap your hair.

4. Aestalance Lustre Spray: We swear by the Aestalance brand and the "Lustre Spray" product. During the winter months, using this product daily will your hair looking healthy, shiny and full of life.

Follow these four simple steps and you'll 'spring' out of winter, with beautiful and healthy hair.


Friday, August 7, 2009

The Latest Buzz..Cassie, Rihanna, Solange, Lala!

In recent months the clippers has become “a girl’s best friend.” The different looks these women pull off look great on them. Proving that it CAN be done, and done well. I’m dedicating this blog post to these women for taking this brave step. I can imagine how liberating this DRASTIC change is for these brave women. Kudos to you all!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hair Fact and Fiction


I'm posting this blog entry based on questions I've been receiving in the salon in reference to hair care, maintenance, products, etc. Here it goes...

Fact: You can repair split ends.
There is a way to temporarily treat split ends. We suggest
Jane Carter Solution's Hair Nourishing Serum which had fortifying conditioning properties that will treat but not fully eliminate split ends. The only way to fully eradicate the problem is by completely cutting those split ends right off.

Fiction: "Greasing" the scalp promotes growth.
Grease and heavy oils clog the pores and stunts their growth. Instead you should use light oils.

Fact: Braiding your hair too tight will cause damage.
The misconception is that braids are helpful but they do more damage to the hair than help the hair. They place a strain on the strands. Braids aren't a bad idea if you allow your hair to rest at least four months out of a year.

Fiction: Relaxers make your hair grow.
It's all an optical illusion. It may look like your hair has grown after you relax it, but, that's exactly what it is: relaxed. If you straighten a slinky, it will look extremely longer. Hair growth truly is the result of a well-balanced diet and maintenance.

Fact: Washing your hair will not dry out your hair.
This actually depends on the person and how much oil their scalp naturally produces. But, for the most part, water is exactly what your scalp needs. It's the shampoo and the products used to moisturize that make all the difference. We suggest
ÆSTELANCE Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner

Fiction: Cutting your hair promotes hair growth.
I think we sometimes forget that our hair grows from the scalp. Nothing I/We do to the ends will effect what's going on from the roots. I do, however, suggest getting a trim every 6-8 weeks depending on your personal hair growth to prevent split ends. Those split ends could possibly move up the shaft, creating more damage.

I hope this helps some of you who may not have known which were fact and which were fiction.

See you soon!

-Patrick Wellington

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Working Hard Behind the Scenes

Hey Family,

We're proud to announce just a few of our recent media mentions. Below you will find where and when we've been featured. The Wellington Team has been working hard to create an image of excellence and there are a number of people who have taken notice.

Our friends at {}-featured us here

Our friends at {Uptown Magazine}-featured me on their H List in the June-July 2009 issue

Blog-buddy {honey.brown.sugar}-featured the salon here

We will keep you posted with our growth. We recognize that without you, there is no us so we'd like to keep you abreast.Thank you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For The Hair Recessionistas

No one needs to reminds us that we're in a recession.  For some, hair maintenance has become a luxury when it was formerly a necessity.  We understand. This entry is dedicated to the ladies who may feel the pains of the recession but still want to "mane-tain." Here are a few tips that will keep your hair style in between visits to the  salon.

One of the key factors to "mane-taining" is preserving moisture. When you wrap your hair at night, use a silk scarf. This is less abrasive as opposed to cotton scarves.  Also, use Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine which adds moisture as well as provides a light sheen. 

If you keep your hair curly, pin-curl your hair at night to sustain the curl into the next day. 

If you have highlights, new growth becomes obvious after a few weeks. You can fix this by using tracks as highlights. This protects the hair from chemicals as well as eliminates the "new growth" problem.

Some treatments, like scheduled trims and relaxers, are irreplaceable but we're here to help you in between visits. 

See you soon!

-Patrick Wellington.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

The "Michelle Obama Bounce"

Of all the things we love about our First Lady Michelle Obama, her hair is no exception.  For some, it's at the top of their list of Michelle fave's. Her hairstyle is sophisticated, classic, and most of all, looks extremely healthy. That "Michelle Obama bounce" is unequivocally this year's most requested hairstyle, regardless of length.

The basic element of Mrs. Obama's hairstyle is the "blow-out." But the key to achieving this look is a combination of the right products coupled with frequent trims to maintain the structure of the hairstyle.

ÆSTELANCE's Style Lotion Medium Hold provides a voluminous, yet weightless bounce, while keeping the structure of the hairstyle.  Finish the hairstyle off with ÆSTELANCE's Lustre Finishing Spray for a light high-gloss sheen.

Remember, with this hairstyle, less product is more.

See you soon!

Patrick Wellington

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Hair Care

With the changes in season, comes changes in our hair: texture, moisture, and manageability. Here at Wellington Hair Spa, we’re preparing you (and your hair) for the changes we you may experience this summer.

Sun-days’ Best

The gorgeous, yet unforgiving sun plays a huge part in the changes to your hair.  It can strip the hair of it’s natural oils, and the dry summer heat intensifies the problem. An excellent solution to the “sun-days”’ woes, is Kera Care’s Hydrating Shampoo and Humecto Cream Conditioner. It moisturizes hair as it conditions the hair for a healthy appearance and feel.

Summer Styles 

The summer season is all about ease and breeze.  The ideal hair length for summer is short. It’s an easy for an on-the-go style that will take you from sun up to sun down. Also, textured hair is great for the summer months! It gives you the option of wearing it curly or straight. For those who prefer the curly, free-flowing look we suggest Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue.  It's the perfect option for maintaining light, perfectly coiled curls. For those who prefer a straight, sleek look, we suggest Jane Carter’s Wrap and Roll and Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade. These products add control and shine without stiffness or residue.

Now you (and your hair) are totally prepared for the summer months and what they may bring. Remember hydration is key  during the hot, humid summer months. And we’ve got you covered if you need the perfect summer style and maintenance for strong, beautiful, healthy hair.  

See you soon!!

Patrick Wellington

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mizani Presents XXV: Celebrating 25 Years of Extraordinary Hair Service, The Wellington Hair Spa

On Monday, March 16th, beauty editors, members of the media and VIP clients gathered at the Wellington Hair Spa in Chelsea to celebrate owner and founder Patrick Wellington’s 25th anniversary in the hair care industry. Nearly 100 guests came out to support Patrick, a testament to his vast network of industry veterans, media professionals and friends.

The event was hosted by leading hair care brand Mizani and hosted by Stacie J., the former “Apprentice” contestant and creator of Golden by Stacie J. fragrance. Guests enjoyed a full spread of hors d’oeuvres by Chef Jesse Cuisine and a wine tasting by Long Island winery Bouké. Other event sponsors included Sphatika and Jane Carter Solutions.

**All photos courtesy of John Mazlish Photography –**

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